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5 Ways Your Predominantly White Church Can Work for Racial Justice and Reconciliation

As a pastor of color who leads a very multi-ethnic and multi-cultural church, I often get asked by other pastors and leaders around the country how white, homogeneous churches can embody the gospel’s claim that a new communal identity is possible in a setting not given to reconciliation. I want to suggest that while not every church is going to reflect multi-ethnicity, predominantly white churches in predominantly white neighborhoods can still do their part in connecting the gospel to race. In these kind of settings, for many (if not most) of the churches, the spectrum of interest in this matter ranges from apathetic ignorance to hardened resistance against any thought of proclaiming the gospel over matters of racial hostility. Yet,…

Should Men Mentor Women Even After #MeToo?

Unintended Consequences of the #MeToo Movement Recently a friend told me something that concerned me. He said since the #metoo campaign, which has gained incredible traction over the last months, some men have become wary of mentoring women. Their concern…
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