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The Christian University in Trump’s America

The Christian university has a unique ability to explore deep questions that is not possible in today’s polarized and value-free secular university. The support of Christians for President Trump, however, risks marginalizing the Christian voice in the public sphere by affiliating the faith with a polarizing political figure. Instead, the Christian university should provide the intellectual diversity and vigorous debate that is often lacking at secular institutions. This means serving as a true marketplace of ideas and reaffirming the importance of a religious voice in the public square. The Christian University and the Search for Truth Over 20 years ago, Richard John Neuhaus argued that the Christian University attempts to articulate a “comprehensive account of reality” and to investigate “the…

4 Ways Your Church Can Keep the Dream Alive

“If you don’t qualify for a piece of paper…in the eyes of the public and the immigration system, you’re not human.  That to me is the heartbreaking part.”  Julio Salgado, Dreamer.  Time Magazine, September 18, 2017. What You Need to…

This Is What A Leader Looks Like

This article is reprinted with permission from The Junia Project, originally published in May 2017 and written by Naomi Hall. It was originally titled “This Is What A Leader Looks Like: Seminary Professor Edition” and was part of a series…

From Empty Vessels to Rivers of Water

This is a reflection from Missio Alliance’s most recent North American gathering, “Awakenings: The Mission of the Spirit as the Life of the Church.” This reflection comes from Adam Clark, Director of Worship & Arts at Northeast Christian Church in…
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