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Parkland and the Continued Problem with Thoughts and Prayers

Another mass shooting. More thoughts and prayers. The Parkland massacre, once again, has brought us to our knees in anger and grief. As we are offering thoughts and prayers, it’s important to note that all “thoughts and prayers” are not created equal. Some lead to transformation. Others lead to a sentimentalized apathy. As a pastor who spends many hours each week offering thoughts and prayers, I can’t help but see the triteness of this phrase in the face of ongoing massacres. As a culture, thoughts and prayers have become code for a sentimentalism that is sympathetic to tragedy, but apathetic to any kind of transformation. The problem with the thoughts and prayers we offer are manifold. It’s possible that our…

Saving Our Sexuality: Is #MeToo Enough?

The sexual morass we currently find ourselves in as a society—in particular, as that morass manifests itself in its more heinous forms—will not be overcome with the tools presently available. We will need something more to climb out of this…
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