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Do We, White Christians, Have the Strength to Stoop Down

On Sunday, August 13, I led our church in a congregational prayer written by my friend Rich Villodas. This prayer allowed us in Northwest Missouri to join with churches all across the country to offer a prayerful response to the protests and violence in Charlottesville. Prayer should be the initial reaction of Christians to evil and hate. When we pray we resist the spirit of the age. We who are followers of Jesus live in a new world, a world of new creation. The evils of white supremacy and racism belong to the old world that is passing away. There is no room for the superiority of one race in the kingdom of God, because red and yellow,

Why Christians Are Incapable of Racial Healing

“Do they know you can talk about other things?” was the question my friend and partner in podcasting, John Alan Turner, asked. It stung me. I’d mentioned to John that I was headed for another speaking trip where I’d be…

Is the Cross Even Necessary?

If Jesus did not die to satisfy the wrath of God for sinners, then is this cross even necessary? Recently I asked Is Penal Substitutionary Atonement Necessary? I asked this question is response to the recently SBC resolution which in…

Church, We Have Work To Do

It is tempting to say the rally in Charlottesville to “Unite the Right” was ignorant. Or to call it bigotry. It’s easy to call this “divisions between people” or something else that analyzes, holds the situation at arm’s-length, and allows…
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